Powerful collaboration methods to achieve results.


We are well known for our state of the art Decision Environments, Pop-up Event Spaces and Experience Spaces. We also develop Decision Software Apps that can be used in physical Collaborative Events and entirely online. In fact, our digital tools enable collaborative groups to achieve results online, that could only be achieved by getting very large groups together in the past.

Smart Events

Our world class approach to collaborative decision making events is called SmartEvents. SmartEvents enable you to bring your most important stakeholders together to solve strategic and organizational challenges in an accelerated time frame.

Smart Labs

We design, produce and facilitate worldclass Smart Labs, our unique decision events delivered in Ludic’s “smart” environments. Our design thinking approach accelerates decision making by optimising a group’s ability to work information in a collaborative way.

Accelerate Strategic
Decision Making

Getting large groups of people together for problem solving, creating and making decisions is something the Ludic Group have been doing for almost ten years. Our Smart Labs, Communication Design and Programmes Planning frameworks are recognised as extremely powerful tools for enabling large groups to collaborate and build solutions.

A blended hi-tech Physical
and Virtual Environment

In this blended hi-tech physical and virtual environment, participants are using tablets, Information is used throughout and the shared knowledge base is grown by the participants before, during and after the event, building momentum, while specific & bespoke apps & tools are used to move ideas forward and accelerate decision making.


Ludicʼs smart environments, a high-tech and knowledge rich space, accelerate decision making by connecting the physical with the virtual.

Content is brought to life through augmented reality. Information can be tailored to individuals and teams. Documentation is real time, using reportage, apps, photography and film.


An expert team of facilitators, artists, film makers, producers and documenters create an inspiring and effective process for decision making and collaboration.

Interactive surfaces

Teams work faster and more collaboratively using gesture controlled interactive work surfaces. Their work is captured digitally and immediately ready for sharing.

Production Studio

The space may be configured as a studio, production and postproduction environment to enable the immediate creation of communication media by and for the decision group.

Team and/or Individual tablets

Enable multi-media decision making & documentation and allow information and assets accumulation to be used pre, during and post event. Allow multi-media decision making & documentation (Live pictures, visual data, films)

Qr-codes / Augmented Reality

Kick-start smart events by connecting physical objects with event specific tools and resources online.

Social Technologies

Are proving powerful for enabling alignment amongst groups who are implementing, and to promote ongoing communication and conversation throughout the process. Allow live attending, collaboration, discussion.

The Smart Lab Companion

A powerful digital platform supporting knowledge sharing, ideation, voting and collaboration. With its easy to use interface it facilitates fast decision data entry, visual documentation and accelerates decision making.

The Companion allows:

  • Pre-bookings online
  • Invitation management
  • Pre-event knowledge base sharing - publish event related reading material ahead of time
  • Pre and post event online discussions - connect participants with event related content and each other before the event
  • Crowdsourcing pre event to define specific questions to be addressed during the event
  • The project team to carry out the design research and organise ad hoc events as work and ideas move around geographies and time zones
  • Teams to work through complex data sets, from multiple perspectives to make decisions – and package those decisions and data into tools that are immediately useful for implementation and communication
  • Team brainstorming during the event
  • Feedback submission through the event
  • Documentation & ongoing community support post event - make resources and content available to participants as and when needed during events allow participants to share their own material and notes with the event community
  • Enable participants to access all collated knowledge and conversations after an event
  • Easy access from any mobile device or tablet

Engagement & Communication Tools

Cutting-edge technologies enable teams to quickly form and collaborate, enabling them to work through complex processes.

Innovation Hopper

With the Innovation Hopper app family you can run mass ideation sessions, accelerate decisionmaking in teams and capture valuable data, live.

Business Model Canvas

It allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business model.

Tablet Network

Connect and display multiple tablets - providing a digital stage for participants to present their work/ideas.

Tablet Filming

Audiences get creative with the latest tools and techniques


Our creative facilitation team works with you throughout the event and afterwards to develop powerful communication tools. Films, rich pictures, interactive magazines bring decisions and outcomes to life for wide scale communication.


Support your event participants with state-of-the art iBooks – interactive resources, tailored specifically to your event topics.


Provide your audience with subject matter content before, during and after an event. Our eMagazines work across all platforms and are a fun and engaging resource.

Interactive Media

Engage participants with interactive and media rich applications, games and exercises.

Smart Lab Options

Ludic smart labs can be delivered in the following formats:

Single Event

Participants are all in the same location and work on the same materials during the event to have a specific set of outcomes.

Single event - multiple locations – simultaneously

Participants join the same event from different locations. They are connected online, via social media technologies and the companion and teams can be mixed, working in virtual breakouts. Report outs happen simultaneously and materials are being processed simultaneously.

Single event - multiple locations - different time zones

A central team hub is organising a series of Smart Labs that run In parallel at different time zones.

One set of content prepared and elaborated during all events in the same manner – same output for each different location.


Multiple events – multiple locations - different time zones

A central team hub is organising a series of Smart Labs that run In parallel at different time zones. One set of content prepared and elaborated during all events in the same manner – same output for each different location.


Where content on the next builds on the output of the previous event.