The solution to global capability building.

SmartLearning is Ludic’s capability building experience with state of the art learning content, fully virtual delivery and bespoke learning journeys - together with one to one coaching and virtual classrooms for 10,000 people wherever they are in the world.

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Aligning global organisations.

Use Snapshot to engage your entire workforce to rapidly implement your strategy across time and geographies. SnapShot enables bottom-up and top-down conversations that promote alignment and understanding across huge populations very rapidly.

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Powerful Collaborative events.

Ludic SmartEvents enable teams to create powerful and ambitious organisational goals, bringing the future into focus in an accelerated timeframe. Using a non-linear, multidisciplinary approach, we create unique experiences both virtually and physically that bring people together in meaningful ways.

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Ludic Creatives

What’s your story?

Ludic Creatives is a world leading creative network that specialises in story. The network is made up of artists, photographers, filmmakers and writers with an eye for a story and an ear for business concepts. We are experts in sharing a business story globally, and engaging stakeholders in complex future states.

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World Class Strategic Design and Alignment Events.

How do the world’s best organisations collaboratively design strategy?


Collaboration Tools for Decision Makers.

How do we accelerate virtual team work?


100% Results. 0 Airmiles.

How do we deliver state of the art blended learning on a global scale?

DesignWork Spaces

Immersive Spaces to Learn and Collaborate.

What is the work space of the future?

Visual Scribing

Bringing Ideas to Life.

What’s your story?

Film and Animation

Your Message. Any Audience.

How can you see your ideas through a different lens?

Rich Pictures and Infographics

Complexity Made Simple.

How do we visualise complex systems, ideas and algorithms?

Innovation Series

Stay Ahead of the Competition.

How do we meet the challenges of tomorrow, today?