Ludic’s Tools for digital transformation travel the world and get nominated for yet another award

They have long been used globally for large scale transformation, learning and engagement programmes but this November Ludic’s Tools for digital transformation took to the stage!

From London’s Digital Transformation Conference to New York WOBI, and FTF Think Tank in Madrid, to being nominated for an Employee Engagement Award for a Coca Cola Global Engagement Programme, Ludic’s Tools for Digital Transformation are in the limelight!

November 14-15 - Ludic tools for digital transformation supported the World Business Forum 2017 in the US.

Organised and curated by WOBI each year in cities across the Americas, Europe and Asia, the World Business Forum is a two-day event that brings together thousands of restless minds united by their passion for business. A blend of content comprised of CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists and sportspeople, this year’s conference focused on “Humanification” and the importance of keeping people at the center of a business landscape that’s becoming increasingly transformed by digital innovations.

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November 17 – Ludic’s Snapshot for Coca Cola has been shortlisted for the “Best Use of Technology” Employee Engagement Award.

Our Shortlisted Programme, was designed and delivered by Ludic and Coca-Cola to engage a Global Finance Community of 3000+ people across 51 countries through interactive digital workshops that disseminated the Strategic Vision and encouraged employees to Think, Work and Act Differently using Ludic’s state-of-the art Smartlab collaboration technology and provided the same experience as a facilitated face-to-face design event. The campaign built employee excitement about the new Vision and elevated engagement whilst delivering rich data insights. These insights have shaped leadership prioritisation and the subsequent strategic work initiatives to create a connected community, which is strongly positioned to partner with the business to drive growth and maximize organisational value.


November 23 - Ludic Tools for Digital Transformation were presented at the London Digital Transformation Conference, the leading meeting place for digital business leaders.

Ludic Founding Partners Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones gave real-world examples of how new Digital Tools are enabling organisations to shift themselves.  

Ludic is radically and powerfully shifting the delivery model and business model for consulting. As organisations needs change and create huge global challenges, Ludic is inventing new tools to support client needs.  

These tools enable organisations successfully address challenges such as: How to create a strategy with a global leadership team with zero air miles (Smart Events), how to engage the global organisation in the transformation in 6 weeks (Snapshot), and how you create a bespoke learning journey for thousands of simultaneous learners globally (SmartLab Next Generation Learning). 

Taking the audience through three award winning case studies, Paul and Garrick presented the unique Ludic powerful tools features and stressed the importance in putting people at the heart of digital transformation and engagement, while providing personalised and flexible experiences tailored to the individual. 

To get a copy of the presentation or to find more about Ludic’s Tools for Digital Transformation please contact Aliki Paolinelis at


November 28-30 - Ludic Decision Apps supported the Fondacion Innovacion Bankinter’s Future Trends Forum in Madrid

Ludic's Decision Apps, a suite of problem solving and decision-making tools, supported the Fondacion Innovacion Bankinter’s Future Trends Forum in Madrid.  Our SmartLab Decision Apps enable the group to develop ideas, synthesise and make decisions better and faster, in a highly engaging and powerful way. The apps leverage the SmartLab collaboration tools and support every stage of a decision-making process.

The Future Trends Forum is the only international, multidisciplinary think tank focused on innovation. Made up of more than 400 experts, the FTF anticipates the future by detecting trends in innovation and analysing their impact on our society and business models. Ludic has been supporting FTF since it was founded 13 years ago.


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