Ludic was founded in 2004 on the understanding that play, curiosity and participation are key to unleashing human potential. We are at our best when we create together.

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We engage people in creating their future

Founded in 2004 and working with Fortune 500 clients, our business model radically innovates traditional consulting. We are research-led and thought leaders in harnessing digital to deliver people-centric business transformation.

Ludic is a global consulting and design business that enables organizations to make powerful decisions, implement change and transform at scale. We work with our clients through every stage of a transformation journey, from strategic alignment and implementation to engaging their people and unleashing their full potential.

Our bespoke, blended learning programs enable our clients to build the capability required to take their organizations and people to the next level.

We are researches, innovators, inventors, futurists, artists, designers, technologists, executive coaches and much more. We provide state of the art online distributed collaboration, learning and engagement, cloud-based tools and platforms. We build amazing and beautiful experiences—programs, events, media, technology, spaces.

Our ambition is to enable people to transform the way they live, work and learn. Together, our work connects people across time and distance and engages people in creating their future.

How we work

At the heart of all successful programs are people, systems, technology, knowledge and aesthetics

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Design process

We use a design process that spans research, concept development, iteration, testing and learning to achieve pragmatic solutions. Our methodologies and toolsets combine stat-of-the-art thinking and the most current human-centred research approach.

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We focus on customer touch points, user experience and making life easier for all. Understanding our customers and their customers journeys is at the heart of our design process.

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Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do - with you and for you.

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We like to streamline, align, visualize and simplify information, experiences and outcomes.

Our approach to organizational transformation, learning, communications, engagement and events keeps people at the heart of digital.

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