Case study

Ambassador-led workshops

Scalable, repeatable workshops for embedding a strategic partner mindset in over 1,800 associates


Create a 90-minute ambassador-led interactive workshop for over 1,800 associates on how to adopt a strategic partner mindset.


Working closely with the client team, we developed a "workshop in a box" that could be repeatedly implemented in face-to-face settings. Leveraging our research, creative design services and event delivery expertise, we crafted comprehensive materials for ambassadors to deliver the workshop worldwide. These materials included workshop presentation slides with facilitation scripts, interactive exercises, reflection points, facilitation guides, participant pre-read materials, work booklets and post-read materials. The workshops were successfully rolled out globally, receiving excellent adoption and feedback across all territories.


The workshops were praised for significantly enhancing global engagement and consistency in training, resulting in positive feedback and widespread adoption across all territories. This initiative fostered a unified understanding and implementation of key strategies throughout the organization.