Case study

Crowdsource values and behaviors

Accelerate a culture shift by engaging 120,000 people across an organization in defining a new set of globally-agreed values and behaviors


To address a gap in leadership development, our client sought to implement a new set of values and behaviors via a training program for 120,000 managers across 193 countries, covering five performance management areas within a 4-month rollout.


We used SmartLab, a digital experience platform, to design a series of scalable, repeatable workshops to encourage 120,000 participants to share and vote on ideas.

Once the workshops were complete, we analyzed the data that we had gathered to derive insights and shape strategic initiatives for rolling out the new values and behaviors across the organization. This included the development of learning materials, multimedia storytelling assets and game-based approaches to help employees understand and embrace the new values and behaviors.


Within three months of go-live, the program had over 8,000 active users and a penetration rate of over 75% globally. There were 9,995 total page views (7,568 unique users) in the portal where videos were presented. This became the most visited HR page for the organization.