Case study

Decision game

Simulated decision-making to make employees aware of the impact their choices have on the wider organization’s success


Create a playful, impactful and motivational game experience for over 10,000 participants that raises awareness on the impact of individual commercial decisions on the wider organization’s success.


We created a binary decision game to present fictional business and project scenarios where each decision impacted the overall project and business outcomes. These decisions affected key success metrics such as client relationships, revenue, project morale and solution quality. Participants had to choose the best options for the organization’s overall success, advancing through levels to achieve the highest blended scores. All decisions were tracked, providing deep analytics into engagement and capability focus areas. A points system and leaderboard further encouraged competition among users.


The decision game was praised for significantly enhancing decision-making skills and strategic thinking within the organization, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment that drove business success.