Case study

Developing professional skills

Wolves and songbirds that change the shape of the landscape. How did we introduce powerful intriguing catalysts into a learning ecosystem to nudge a culture of continuous learning?


Scale and accelerate capability building and culture change focused on professional skills across a global organization.


We used our learning experience platform, SmartLab Learning, to host a learning program for helping participants develop the new skills needed to meet their organization’s evolving requirements.

For the program, we curated a range of learning content that was tailored to the needs and goals of the organization, keeping participants engaged with gamified elements and community features. Participants were offered ongoing one-to-one support courtesy of Ludic Faculty's Extraordinary League of Coaches and a series of masterclasses.


Our approach to scaling and accelerating capability building and culture change was a resounding success. Key stakeholders praised  the program for being instrumental in accelerating the organization's time to value of the shared business service center from five to three years.