Case study

Engagement and learning board game

Educating a global pharmaceutical organization in R&D’s end-to-end drug development process


Design an engaging experience for a global pharmaceutical organization to showcase TRD's (Technical Research and Development) vital contributions to the business by illustrating the end-to-end drug development process.


We initiated the project with a design architecture session, informed by research, to engage the TRD management team in creating an interactive board game to educate the organization on the end-to-end drug development process.

Using their input, we developed prototypes and play-tested them with stakeholders. The final game replicated the drug development journey, with players drawing knowledge cards and collecting chips to progress through checkpoints. In addition to the physical board game, we created an online version for both collaborative and individual play.


The game debuted with 150 participants during a special “TRD Day,” and subsequently reached thousands more through its digital version. Gamifying the process made learning fun, engaging and creative.