Case study

Engaging a global healthcare organization in a future vision

How we communicated a new patient access strategy across a global healthcare organization, aligning participants on value and identifying elements that contribute to positive outcomes


Communicate and engage a leading healthcare organization with the future vision for patient access.


Working with multiple stakeholders, we defined the key messages that needed to be communicated throughout the organization. Through an iterative process, we created a rich picture to visualize the new patient access strategy and the elements it included. Using gamification theory, we transformed this illustration into a fun and engaging card game, which was rolled out across the division. Enabling learning and deep understanding, participants had the space to analyze the new strategy and understand how it would impact the patients. The game also helped participants understand the elements that make for great patient outcomes.


This program was praised for effectively communicating the new patient access strategy across the organization. Participants gained insights into how the strategy impacts patients and identified key elements that contribute to positive patient outcomes.