Case study

Finance transformation design event

How do you bring a global leadership team together to design a vision for the future?


Design the vision and destination blueprint for the future finance model within this finance organization and a strategic roadmap to achieve it.


We hosted an immersive three-day strategic design event to unite financial leaders and business partners from across a complex business group managing over 90 countries on three continents. The event aimed to create a powerful future vision and actionable strategy for the finance function, designed to deliver extraordinary results in collaboration with business units and other stakeholders.

During the event, participants crafted future visions, developed scenarios and tackled challenging design issues to build a robust finance model aligned with the business strategy. The outcome included a detailed roadmap and action plan, along with various communication tools to engage the wider organization in the new finance strategy.


The event fostered a unified vision and actionable strategy among financial leaders, resulting in a robust finance model that drove extraordinary business results. It also enhanced collaboration across the organization, ensuring widespread engagement with the new finance strategy.