Case study

Launching a new operating model

How do you rapidly engage 500 cohorts in the launch of a new operating model?


Support the launch of a new operating model by engaging 510 globally situated HR employees in living their new roles, identifying collaboration needs and developing solutions across the different role types.


To build the skills needed to deliver the new Operating Model, we delivered a gamified learning tool for all HR employees and facilitated virtual workshops with -

  • Gamified Role Enablement Tool to provide knowledge and insights about all roles and building blocks.
  • Practical exercises and use cases to overcome implementation barriers, apply learning and understanding of content learnt during the sessions.
  • Virtual Workshop Series to bring multi disciplinary teams together to inform them about their role, mandate and accountabilities.
  • Ongoing Collaborative discussions for ways of working, required capabilities and barriers that might be faced when executing the new operating model.
  • Engaging Media to bring the new operating model to life.
  • Blended Learning and toolkits.


The solution has gained enormous traction and momentum, which has led to the accelerated implementation of the strategy and superb people engagement metrics.