Case study

Network innovation think tank

How do we host virtual think tanks to accelerate decision-making and ideation among thought leaders, experts, policymakers and investors?


Virtually host a leading global think tank in science and technology, uniting thought leaders, experts, policymakers and investors from around the world.


Using SmartLab Events, we hosted and facilitated an immersive bi-annual think tank event. Using a structured process and state-of-the-art tools for ideation and problem-solving, we accelerated decision-making and synthesized outcomes into a clear roadmap for the future.

Participants utilized the digital event platform to document innovative approaches to various topics, pinpoint high-impact areas and develop improvement scenarios. They also outlined actionable strategies and opportunities for business leaders, policymakers, investors and individuals. The generated ideas were then assessed, prioritized and implemented within the region.


Our approach was praised as a success, significantly accelerating decision-making and providing a clear, actionable roadmap for the future. This process enabled participants to document and implement high-impact ideas and strategies, driving innovation and progress across the region.